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We have over 750,000 mortgage inspections plans on record that we have accumulated over the last 50 years. We cover the entire 4 states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut for a residential flat rate of $145. Commercial properties are only $225.00.

What is a Mortgage Inspection Plan?

A plot plan is used by mortgage lenders and title insurance companies to determine the following:

Is the house on the correct lot?

  • Do the structures conform to local zoning by-laws?

  • Do the structures fall within a F.E.M.A Flood Zone?

  • Are there any easements, encroachments, rights of way or other issues?

How do we prepare a professional mortgage plot plan?

  • Our experienced office staff will research the property using records from the Registry of Deeds, Assessors maps, and sometimes previous work performed at that location.

  • Field crews then go to the property to do a physical inspection of the structures using tape measures to determine the approximate location of the dwelling(s).

  • By combining the research and the physical measurements of the property our drafters, using CAD software, can then provide a drawing of the property and the approximate location of the structures. We then determine whether or not
    the structure(s) are located within the special flood hazard zone determined by FEMA

  • We can also provide flood certifications.


In addition to mortgage inspection plot plans, we would also like to inform you that we are a Full Service Surveying and Engineering Company. We offer these services for the entire state of Massachusetts.

We look forward to working with you in the future. Visit H, S & T Group, Inc. Website for other Services. Request a Mortgage Inspection Plot Plan